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Launching a ‘School Career’

Congratulations on surviving the beginning of term one. By now your child will have settled into the routine of school days and is working towards becoming independent at getting ready for school. I’m sure you’ve noticed so many changes in their physical abilities and have been amazed at all the information they have absorbed from their hours in the classroom. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that they are capable individuals who don’t rely on us parents for all the answers. I will never forget my five-year-old daughter arguing with me over some general knowledge fact. Her only justification for her position was “because Miss S (her current teacher), told me”.  Yep, it takes some time to realize that we are no longer the sole influence in our child’s life.

Never fear, as our children get older, they do once again acknowledge that we have a pearl of wisdom or two to offer them. My once five year old is now 18 and has embarked on her Uni career. I’m wise enough to leave the teaching of her degree up to other professionals. But I know that as a parent I am still able to influence her character, challenge her to be the best she can be, be there to give her perspective on decisions and help her work through the consequences of her choices.

In my role as a Speech Pathologist I have helped countless parents launch their children into the realm of academia. I have a passion to see each of my clients be prepared for learning and to support them through the language and literacy challenges they may face. Each child is unique and has untapped potential for learning. Speech Pathology can support them in developing in the following areas:

  1. Comprehension of language and concepts

  2. Following instructions

  3. Developing listening skills

  4. Clearly expressing their thoughts and ideas

  5. Building vocabulary

  6. Developing reading, spelling and writing skills

  7. Learning skills to form friendships

  8. Developing self-confidence for public speaking

Our therapists at Newcastle Speech Pathology would welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and ways in which we can support their individual learning journey.

Written by Alison Speech Pathologist Newcastle Speech Pathology

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