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Here to help you, right where you are.

Speech Online has its home in Newcastle Speech Pathology, a private practice in NSW, Australia. We value our clients and strive to understand their unique needs. Our team of certified practising Speech Pathologists provide a service that is highly personal and tailored to each individual.

We understand the daily challenges you might face accessing local Speech Pathology services. Whether you live in a rural or remote community or simply prefer the convenience of consulting a Speech Pathologist in your own home, on the road or in your workplace, we can provide you with a quality consultation service.

Our team work with a range of clients, including adults and children. We provide clinical services for clients who experience challenges with the following:

  • Unclear speech

  • Late talkers

  • Understanding and using language

  • Learning difficulties

  • Stuttering

  • Voice

  • Reading and spelling

  • Social skills

  • Communication rehabilitation following a stroke or any brain injury


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Here for you, right where you are.

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