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The benefits of online speech pathology


Speech Online offers you the convenience of connecting with your Speech Pathologist wherever it suits you.


No travel

Avoid costly trips or time wasted in traffic. At Speech Online we are passionate about providing services to local, regional and rural clients. So no matter where you live, you can avoid costly trips to town to receive the service you need.


No waiting time

You will be connected directly to your Speech Pathologist at the time of your appointment, without needing to wait in a busy reception area.


Services delivered in your preferred environment

Your Speech Pathologist can meet you wherever you are – a device (phone, iPad or computer) and internet connection is all that you need, so you can stay at home or wherever is most comfortable.


Children are fresh and ready for the appointment

Online speech therapy appointments means not having to run your child from errands to one appointment then the next, wearing both you and your child out before she even begins her therapy.


Appointments in a familiar environment

Your Speech Pathologist can see your child in their most natural environment, where they are relaxed and comfortable so you and your child can have quality time with your Speech Pathologist.


Parent and care giver involvement

Parents, grandparents and siblings can learn first-hand how to be involved in therapy. Families are empowered to coach and support their children’s communication skills.


Learn how to implement programmes directly in your own environment

Put your Speech Pathologist’s recommendations into practice right away by receiving the feedback, encouragement and coaching you need to start now.


Use your own equipment

Learn how to use your own toys and household items as therapy tools. Your Speech Pathologist will show you how.



Online services allow you to fit more into your day, so it is easy to set a routine appointment for therapy that you can stick to, allowing you to maintain consistent support.


Connect Anywhere

Here for you, right where you are.

Book a free 15 minute consultation.

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