Hi, I’m Alison, the practice leader and senior Speech Pathologist in the team. I have over 23 years of clinical experience. I love meeting new people and I’m passionate about understanding and meeting the needs of my clients and their families. I am originally from Adelaide, South Australia, but along with my family, I have lived and worked in many towns, cities and countries. I have spent several years in a small town on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain, and understand the challenges of rural living.

I’ve been on the journey of parenthood for over twenty years, and I love watching my children move into new stages of independence. Supporting parents along every stage of their own journey brings me great joy.

I believe in valuing the uniqueness of our children and finding the educational pathway that best suits them. I know what it is to be a Home Educator, a school mum and the parent of children at University.

Speech Online allows me to connect with and serve wonderful individuals and their families. I am thrilled that I can provide my professional Speech Pathology services to a broad community.


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